Potluck Season Is Here!

Ask anyone who knows me and you’ll find out I’m not much of a cook. Never have been, never will be. That’s just how it is and we’ve all just accepted it.

So, when it came to holiday potlucks, I was usually the person who brought store-bought desserts, or volunteered to bring the paper plates, cups and ice. In other words, I took the easy way out.

But all that changed a few years ago when I discovered the most fabulous White Chicken Chili at another work department’s potluck. The person who made it told me it was super easy, and so I decided…what the hell…why not give it a shot.

Long story, short. I now make this for all potlucks and it always gets rave reviews.

White Chicken Chili

3-4 chicken breasts; par-boiled, then cubed
45-48 oz. Great Northern White Beans
1 large jar salsa, finely blended
4 cups (total) Monterey jack and cheddar cheese, shredded
½ – 1 pkg McCormick brand white chicken chili seasoning
2 cups chicken broth

Heat salsa, cheese, seasoning and broth over a medium heat until melted and blended. Add beans (do not drain), and cubed chicken. Simmer approximately 1 hour. Can be frozen.

That is the original recipe. I have tweaked it a bit by using chicken tenders instead of breasts. They par-boil faster and are easier to cube. Another change is instead of Monterey jack and cheddar, I use Sargento Four-Cheese Mexican cheese. For the salsa I use La Victoria Salsa Suprema (get the jar in between the smallest and the largest). Also, I add one more can of beans (I drain this can) because it makes the chili a bit thicker.

Remember, if I can make this. Anyone can! Enjoy!

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