In Plain Sight on Kindle Vella

Have you tried Kindle Vella yet?

A few months ago, Amazon launched Kindle Vella, a new platform with a serialized approach to storytelling. Chapters are called “episodes” and the author can release them as often as they’d like. Readers are able to read the first three episodes for free, but then must buy “tokens” to continue reading the episodes. Currently, to promote Vella, Amazon is offering 200 tokens for free.

As a longtime fan of soap operas, I thought it would be fun to try the serialized format. If your curious about Kindle Vella, please check out my story. You can access Vella through your iPhone or on the Amazon website on your browser.

After witnessing a murder, romance writer Maya Lange has no choice but to enter the witness protection program. Sent to a small town in Wyoming, Maya suspects her handsome neighbor, Josh, is hiding secrets of his own. And as sparks fly between them, Maya must decide if she can trust him to help her stay out of the clutches of the ruthless crime family that will do anything to stop her from testifying.


Subsequent episodes will be released on Tuesdays and Fridays.