Love in the Afternoon Giveaway!

You may have heard the good news: My debut novel, Love in the Afternoon is being released two weeks from today on Monday, December 17, 2012. Yippee!!!

To kick off the celebration, I’ve decided a giveaway is in order. After all, who doesn’t like to get free stuff, right? It’s super easy to enter. All you have to do is leave a comment below and tell me who your favorite TV couple (daytime or prime time) is and why you love them. What could be easier than that?

The giveaway will run from today through Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at 9pm PST. Three winners will be chosen at random and each will win a PDF copy of Love in the Afternoon.

When the winners are selected, I’ll post their names and then send them their prize via email.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with Love in the Afternoon, here’s a short description:

Kayla Maxwell is eager to shed her slasher-flick bimbo image—and she plans to do just that in her new role on daytime’s most popular soap. With a chance to showcase her dramatic range, Kayla will be able to wash away the lingering betrayal and public humiliation left by her controlling, philandering ex-boyfriend.

Sean Barrett, the son of an influential, award-winning actor, is the hottest soap star in the country. Paired on-screen with the talented and beautiful Kayla Maxwell, Sean is determined to keep her at arm’s length, burned before by fame-seeking actresses who had no qualms about using him to get to his famous father.

But when Kayla receives threatening letters, her past as a scream queen seems to be coming back to haunt her. Succumbing to an attraction neither one of them can deny, Sean and Kayla must face down her stalker and their own personal demons before trusting what they both feel—a love that lasts long after the cameras stop rolling.

Love in the Afternoon is available for pre-order for on:

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21 thoughts on “Love in the Afternoon Giveaway!

  1. My favorite daytime couple is Jason and Sam Morgan because they are perfect for each other. They always seem to know what the other needs; when to talk, when to listen, when to just be there and when to push and just how much. When one is angry and keyed up the other is calm. They support each other and never judged each other because of their job or their past, as well as their own past mistakes as a couple; they forgave and moved forward. I always loved that even if they were upset or angry with each other they would stand up and defend the other to anyone, no matter what and would kill anyone trying to hurt the other. I love how Sam was one of the few people that got to see the soft caring side of Jason and how gentle he was with her when the rest of the world saw him as cold, hard and uncaring but I mostly love how Jason would smile, laugh and play around when he was with Sam.

  2. My favorite couple is Jason and Sam Morgan because they have amazing chemistry and I would not have watched gh if it was not for them in fact I am making a jaSam scrapbook if you guys want to see it its not finished but I started on it you can view the scrapbook on my twitter @Jasamfan369 let me know what you think

  3. My Favorite Daytime Couple is Jason and Sam Morgan, because no matter what happens or how far apart they are, they have each other’s back Sam is the Bonnie to Jason’s Clyde. Jason and Sam have been to hell and back and they are it for each other and they never deep down in their hearts do they give up on each other. Even if they don’t say the words, you can see the love they have for each other.

  4. My favorite couple is Sheldon and Amy on The Big Bang Theory. What can I say, I have a warped sense of humor. Probably because I work with middle schoolers all day.

  5. My favorite TV couple…hmmm…so hard to pick, but if I had to pick it would be Mulder and Scully from the X-files. I loved the respect they had for one another, and how each were so different, yet still they complimented each other despite the differences. Above all they were loyal to each other. They were co-worker, friends, and finally lovers. They had each other’s back no matter what, even when they didn’t see eye-to-eye. Mulder would have be so lost without Scully and Scully would have been lost without Mulder. It was because of Mulder that she was able to open her mind to other possibilities and believe in things she would never dream of even entertaining the possibility. As for Scully, well she kept Mulder grounded and kept him honest with his work. I LOVE them!

  6. There are so many great soap couples I love but the couple that became my obsession is Dante and Lulu from GH.

    1. Not a bad obsession, Joanne. Lulu and Dante started out great but then they didn’t get much air time. It’s good to see them again, and in a good story. But I’m still ticked that Dante lied about Sonny shooting him in the chest.

    1. The P&P miniseries with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle is the best version of Elizabeth and Darcy (in my opinion). The movie wasn’t bad, but for me there is only one Darcy, and that is Mr. Firth!

  7. I love Jason and Sam from General Hospital. I love them because they have endured tremendous obstacles and still managed to always find their way back to each other. They are easy to relate to, loveable, likeable, sometimes painful to watch because of their many obstacles but ultimately, they embody the concept of true love always prevail. They’re loyal, dedicated, and support each other. They’re true soulmates. The chemistry of Steve Burton and Kelly Monaco is so indescribeable and intense that their characters relationship developed when GH writers weren’t going in that direction to make them a couple. So that’s how dynamic they are, including their characters. I just love love love them.

      1. I hope so as well. Sam and Jason so deserve all the happiness their hearts can take, especially with Danny.

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