Giveaway Winners

WinnerDrum roll, please!

It is now time to announce the four readers who have won a print copy of Love in the Afternoon.  And they are:

Commenter #1 Mel
Commenter #6 Alex Margaret
Commenter #7 Nicole P.
Commenter #12 Tracy

Congratulations to the winners, and for those who entered but didn’t win, I’ll be giving away more print copies in the not too distant future, so please try again.

FYI – I selected the winners at Some day, I’ll figure out how to use that raffle copter thing, but until then,’s number generator works for me.

To the winners, I’ll be contacting you via email to find out where you’d like me to send your print copies to, or if you’d prefer an e-book rather than a print copy.

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